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20 Apr 2009

Of a dermal anchor removal

I am always getting asked;
"what kind of scarring is left from a dermal anchor removal?"
So I thought I'd show you. After a rather brief life, of two days, this anchor needed to come out. Nothing wrong with it, she just didn't like where it was. Now, this is easier all round as the anchor was so fresh, but the process is the about the same.
So here is the before:

Now the facts;
1. Done with a dermal punch and a taper used to create 'pockets'.
2. Only two days old, so the tissue barely had time to mesh with the anchor.
3. We took note, as always, where the heel and toe sit.
And the after:

So what happened? Firm hold of the top with a pair of hemostats and some pressure applied to expose the heel. A quick check to see if we could get away with a 'no scalpel' method. Not so lucky. Quick incision along the centre of the foot, so if we need to cut at the heel we can. No need. Little manoeuvring and no need to cut the foot away, it's already out! Finally we strapped it up with some small steri-strips to encourage healing and minimise scarring.
So thats it folks! Not pleasant but not, maybe, what you were expecting?
I'll be posting an update in a few weeks, we'll see how it goes!


audravictoriax3 said...

i have a question.
i just had my dermal removed because of rejection - should i use anything other then soap and water for the healing process? what are your thoughts? greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was interested in the removal of dermal anchors (I heard they had to be surgically removed) and i started flicking through some of your videos, and the nape piercing caught my attention. I noticed you don't use a clamp of any kind. Why is that?